John K. Goodman






         The World In My Eyes


   My images are deconstructed realism vérité, slanted through a biased eye of personal consciousness while resonating in
the collective experience. Truth and beauty are indeed to be found in the cracks of the mundanity of the world, as are fear,
pain, and death. Wonders abound in the fleeting space between moments; a wing in flight, the cant of a head, the break of
a wave. "The pictures are there, and you just take them." - Robert Capa

   I feel the true secret of the subjective nature of photography, not to mention art, is its ability to allow inherent disassociation
by the viewer at the first, essential encounter with the work; context may be presented, rejected, or integrated if the viewer
has already come to a deeper, internal narrative regarding the work. Because of their lack of pretention or contrivance, and
by their candid nature, my images often provide the framework for that narrative, be it positive or negative. The unexpected,
unseen, and the familiar will often appear where least expected, slipping between the mundane moments of endlessly passing
days until apprehended for closer examination.

   My goal is the momentary transport of the viewer to a new perspective, to promote a dialog between the work and
ourselves to enable us to reach past the prejudice of our own history and experience, and catch a fleeting glimpse of a
world, your world, rendered both alien and yet somehow familiar through the eyes of another.